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Baccarat connoisseurs have long believed that it is the most elegant and sophisticated of the casino card games. Popular in online casinos all over Australia today, it originated in European noble houses, and has always had an air of exclusive prestige about it. The amusement actually developed from a revered old Etruscan ritual where a young virgin would throw a dice to determine her fate. It was revived in Italy during the 1480s using simple tarot cards, and soon became wildly popular among European nobility.

While a person’s fate may not be completely decided by the outcome of a Baccarat game, it is certainly a fantastically entertaining way to earn money that can certainly be life-changing! The objective of the game is to draw a two or three card hand whose total comes closer to nine than the total of the cards in the dealer’s hand. The Ace cards have a value of one, the other number cards up to nine are worth their face value and the ten and Royal cards have a value of zero. The game’s moniker name actually originates from the Italian word for “zero”, possibly because of the zero value assigned to the ten and picture cards.

The game involves more thrilling elements of chance than strategy, and players are required to place bets before any action takes place, and then watch the action that unfolds. Any number of players can place bets on the banker (banco) or player (punto) winning, or on a tie. Card totals never go over nine, and players can never go bust. When the cards in a hand total over nine, such as seven and five making twelve, the ten value is discarded so that the total is actually two. If the banco or punto is dealt an eight or nine the hand is termed a “natural” and no further cards are dealt. If a natural or tie has not been reached after two cards have been dealt, one additional card must be dealt according to specific rules that vary among game houses.

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While Baccarat is almost totally based on chance, there are some strategic moves that add an element of strategy and make the game even more thrilling and immersive. Players are advised not to bet on tie as the house has an edge of 14.1 % on this bet. Players are also seriously discouraged from betting against a run of wins from either side. After three consecutive wins, it is a good idea to stop betting until the run stops or to bet with the run.

The air of exclusivity that surrounds Baccarat has lessened with its presence in online casinos, but the strength of the game has really helped it to have a strong influence on the digital gambling world. For those players still getting to grips with the ins and outs of the game, a simpler version has been introduced to online and offline casinos over the past few years. Known as Mini-baccarat, this easier version is faster and less complicated to allow novice players to explore and get to know this extraordinary amusement.

For refined card play at Australia’s superb land and digital Mac casinos, players need look no further than this old favourite of European nobility. With simple and elegant rules and exciting payouts, Baccarat is the perfect addition to any gambling experience!

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