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Craps is a very popular casino dice game that is enjoyed in Australia and the rest of the world. Elegant, with simple riles and complex applications, it is the thinking casino user’s dream!

The game is believed to have originated from Hazard, and old English amusement, and the French Crabes game. Sir William of Tyre and his knights are thought to have used it to keep themselves amused during the Crusades and has been popular as an informal game among soldiers ever since, which has also helped to spread the game throughout the world. World War II fighters often turned to the game, and the Roman Legions may even have played a form of the game involving shaved-down pigs’ knuckles in the shape of cubes! Its popularity continued to spread across Medieval Europe and is often mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer’s famous “Canterbury Tales”.

This early informal version of Craps spread to England’s luxurious gaming houses in the late 1600s, and found huge favour with the nobility. Games became huge social occasions, and this bonhomie is still enjoyed by the players of today. When the game spread to France it was renamed “Crabes” after the name assigned to the lowest value of a throw of the dice. The game may have been taken to America by the English or the French, but either way it proved very popular in the New World as well. The modern-day version of Craps that is enjoyed today is largely attributed to the nineteenth-century African Americans of the South, who spread it around the country via river boats. John Winn, a famous dice maker, also introduced important modifications in betting opportunities, and is regarded by many as the father of today’s game.

Players bet on the outcome of a specified number of dice rolls, wagering money against the casino. Players place their bets on specific areas of the table, depending on how much they wish to wager. It can take some time to understand the various bets, as there are over forty, but this challenge is very enjoyable for sophisticated players and ultimately creates a richly textured playing experience.

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Real Money Online Craps Australia

Craps was one of the first games to be introduced to the AU online casino community in the late 1990s. The premise of the game the same as with the offline version, and the thrills and ease of the game have proved just as much of a hit in the online arena. Online games are a fantastic way for players to familiarise themselves with the complexities of Craps betting, and to practice for free with no-deposit risk-free games. Most reputable online Australian casinos also provide fantastic guidelines and resources for mastering the game.

Australian Craps Online

The offline and online versions of this game both have much to recommend them, and lucky is the player who gets to experience and enjoy both! The digital arena allows for a much wider range of Microgaming casino games to be experienced, and for much more practice and skill development. The benefits of this can be enjoyed at online establishments, or carried through to brick-and-mortar casinos, where the atmosphere and player camaraderie simply cannot be beaten. However they are choosing to play, every game house visitor in Australia should take advantage of the top-drawer versions that are available!

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