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Sic Bo originated in Asia and is still wildly popular in countries such as Korea, China and the Philippines. It is also fast becoming a firm favourite in the casinos of Western countries, including Australia. The name translates directly as “Dice Pair”, but the game is actually played using three dice.

Before each roll of the dice, players place wagers on its outcome according to a complex rule system that allows for fifty possible bets. To help players keep track of the wagers they have made, the game is played on a specially designed table that shows all the bets and their payouts. The basic odds are the same, but most casinos have a few of their own house rules affecting payouts, and table layouts can also vary. By using three dice, Sic Bo presents much more challenging odds than other casino dice games, but also has much larger payouts, which can be as high as 150:1!

Dice are thrown using a “Dice Shaker”, a special vibrating platform that is controlled by the dealer. The combinations are announced by the dealer, and then all losing bets are collected and all winnings are paid out. The game is an exhilarating rush of pure chance, and players can’t really plan winning strategies. Rather than developing skills, player enjoyment in the game comes from the thrilling chance of winning huge payouts.

Sic Bo’s earliest history can be traced back to Ancient China. While its precise history is not known, it is thought that it was originally played with a pair of painted bricks, hence the name “Dice Pair”. These were eventually replaced with smaller dice that were easier to handle, and the third die of the current format was added to make things more challenging. The dice were rolled in the Dice Shaker’s forerunner: they were placed on a porcelain plate that was topped with a bowl and then shaken.

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Sic Bo for Real Money Australia

The game was first introduced to the Western world when Chinese immigrants brought it to North America at the start of the 20th century. Its popularity and variety have grown ever since! Land casinos in the West first offered Sic Bo in this more formal setting, rather than casual or street playing. It was seen as a novelty game, particularly after the late 1990s as Chinese tourism began to rise. It is most common in British, Australian and American casinos.

Sic Bo has proven just as popular in AU online casinos as it has always been in their offline counterparts, and remote playing has given the pleasure of this amusement to countless individuals who would otherwise not have had the opportunity. Both Asian citizens and Westerners form part of this vibrant online family. Most respectable digital game houses offer the entertainment as part of their table game line up, and use Random Number Generation to simulate rolling the dice. Mobile casino games are very useful for new players who are still learning the ropes of the game and its betting complexities. Free no-deposit play provides ample practice opportunities, and online casinos usually provide plenty of literature and resources on playing and winning.

Sic Bo Casino Online Australia

The sophistication of this game lies in its simple design and complex possibilities. As it continues to evolve with its players, it provides just as many hours of entertainment to the players of today as it did to those who first enjoyed it centuries ago. Sic Bo shows no signs of slowing down!

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